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Author Topic: Has anybody been using the 6D wireless function for live view to a tablet?  (Read 3001 times)


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There's going to wide variation in latency/lag time depending on the brand and model of the tablet you're using -- the speed of the "network" depends on this as well as the camera.  An acquaintance at Google suggests that there may be enough of a difference between the Apple and Android Canon apps to make a noticeable difference; as for hardware, the processor speed and its architecture as well as a list of things unknown to me, play their part.  Any experts in the house?!

What (current) make & model are you using, and how's it doing?  Can you compare across platforms?

If I owned a 6D my special interest would be in mounting a tablet from a base plate on a flexible arm in order to compose and focus manual-only lenses in live view.  How large is your live view area within the Canon app?

For reference, Jeff at the "OK-Canon" center scared up what he called an "iPad3" and measured the live view picture at 5" x 4 in landscape, with no cropping he could spot, although the aspect ratio is a little off.  He said some controls were in dead space to the left and right, though if you called up more these slopped onto the live view image about 1/2" on either side.

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I started a somewhat related but maybe more general topic  in the Software and Accessories forum:


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Your problem cayenne amounts to a different kettle of fish.  Using the HDMI connection requires a whole other class of dedicated monitors, slow heavy and very expensive to buy or rent -- I've used some. 

Canon comes to the rescue if you want to go wireless however, with their "wireless file transmitter" made specially for your camera model.  It costs only $850 (eight hundred and fifty dollars, less one penny to be perfectly exact).

The issue of what you would broadcast To still remains -- which is the question I raise in this thread.

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