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How to start the video recording remote on 5D M3?

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I would like to record myself on video on my 5D M3 and wonder how I could remotely start recording or get the autofocus to focus?

Any ideas how a possible workflow could look like?

Thanks a lot.

Best regards
- Andreas

Chris Burch:
I just bought the CamRanger ( and it will allow you to do both if you have an iPad or iPhone -- might even work with a laptop, too, but I still have to figure that out.  You'll be able to focus by touching anywhere on the live view image and can start/stop video or snap photos.  There are probably cheaper options but this one is quite elegant and feature rich.

You understand that the camera doesn't have autofocus while recording, right? 

A simple way to remotely start/stop is to reassign the shutter release to start stop video (you can do this in the menu) then use a timelapse remote or other shutter trigger to start stop.

With the 5d3 you could just put the camera in video mode, focus on your target, and use the RC6 remote to start recording. No need to reassign anything.

The shutter release button's video record function is set to off by default. You need to change that to be able to start video recording while using a remote.


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