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GigaPan - check out some of these Gigapan images - 272 GIGApixels?

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I thought my fellow CR members would appreciate some of these Gigapan Photos that I stumbled across today.  Click on each image and zoom in for a close look...."wow" is all I could think.

There's a shot of the city of Shanghia that is 272 GIGApixels.   The amount of detail is crazy.


Forget composition, just take it all.

Yes RL...can you imagine this type of photography in 10 years when they're shooting with 80mp cameras versus the current 20mp cameras?   They'll be creating TERApixel images.

actually, i just looked again and there is one image that is a 1.16 Terapixels.  it's not much of an image, but it's scary to think about how much space these images would take up on your hard, all of it.

i have the gigapan epic pro its a cool unit
only complaints with it are the clamp plate it comes with is crap (luckily really right stuff make an awesome replacement, so I bought that)

and it uses old tech Nickel batteries not Lithium so i wonder what the life span of the batteries will be like

the 300 f4L is a great lens to use with this beast although i havent given it a go with the 600mm yet that might produce some insanely large stuff but i'm not sure if the unit can handle the weight it says it can but it will be pretty heavy


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