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at what shutter speed you turn IS off?

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As stated earlier in this thread (see page 2) IS does not slow the AF system and will likely help it.  Look for the Chuck Westfall quote (HT. privatebydesign).  This makes sense, particularly for moving objects.  The steadier the image, the easier to focus.

Mine is on at all times for all IS lenses in my sig line below.  It is curious though that experiences with IS, particularly with battery drain, must be dependant upon the lens.  I think my biggest power hungry lens would be my 70-200 f2.8L Mk2 and I don't think there's a noticeable drain using IS on this lens.  But, maybe there is with the really big boys.

[Edit: Just realized that I only have two IS lenses in my sig line.  Others include the 18-135 (non-STM), 17-85, 70-300 (non-L).]
I actually never cared too much about IS, really only turning it off when on a tripod.

I leave it on or select mode 2 for motorsports. Rather annoyingly Ive accidentally switched IS off several times without knowing it while handling my 70-200 IS. This happened quite often on the MkI version of this lens and I need to monitor this behavior on the MkII. If it occurs again I will probably tape a small piece of toothpick in the gap next to the switch to keep it on.


--- Quote ---You don't need to shoot a single image ever to have a very in depth knowledge of how the technology actually works. Personally, with regards a technical question relating to Canon gear, I would go with the word of the real Chuck over Jay Paredes.
--- End quote ---


chuck westfall will also tell you the 6D has a great autofocus system.   ::)


--- Quote from: privatebydesign on February 16, 2013, 06:37:49 PM ---He might be in PR, but he doesn't give a damn when you use IS on a lens you already own, if his comments were a stinging sales brochure for lens based IS over body based IS then you might have a point, but nothing he says in this instance has any effect on sales, indeed he wants people to be very happy with the lenses they own, get the best out of them, and tell everybody else the best way to get keepers. Happy knowledgeable customers are the most effective sales tool.

--- End quote ---

a good PR man is always on the job.
IS lenses cost more so he has to promote them in every possible way, always.


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