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at what shutter speed you turn IS off?

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I leave it on unless I have a good reason to turn it off, which is rarely. Some older lenses have IS that gets upset with tripods and should be disabled when used on one. IS drains batteries faster...but with a pair of batteries in a grip that's not really much of a concern.

I have never seen any indication that it degrades anything at high shutter speeds or that manufacturers recommend turning it off for high shutter speeds. Indeed, manufacturers recommend it be used just the way I use it. It's true that it's less necessary at faster shutter speeds, but it'll still improve image quality at faster shutter speeds, even if only incrementally so.

Oh -- and you'd have to be a real manly man to get sharp images with a 400 handheld at only 1/250 without IS. I doubt I'd even try at less than 1/600 without IS and probably wouldn't feel confident at less than 1/1000. But with IS...well, I was playing around one night long after I got mine. I sat on the ground, braced my back against a wall and my elbows on my knees and took a handheld photo of the Orion Nebula that showed no motion blur. Clouded with lots of urban light pollution, yes...but the Orion Nebula! Handheld! Photograph! Without motion blur!



i turn it on when i'm moving or when the light is low and i'm not carrying a tripod with me :P

i turn it off when i use flash, or when my speeds are 1/1000 and above.

i love IS when i have to focus manually through live view.. works like a charm, (especially when i use a telephoto lens) of course i turn it off when my camera is mounted on a tripod.

practically when my speeds are below 1/250 i leave it on, why turn it off?

I think it depends on the focal length.... am I wrong? Did I miss something?

That's a turn off.

Mt Spokane Photography:
I never shut it off for high shutter speeds.  If I'm on a tripod, then I'll shut it down if I'm using a slow shutter speed and my 100-400mmL. 
I consider a high shutter speed to be 1/2000 sec or greater, I seldom go down to 1/250.  With modern high mp bodies, Canon recommends using a higher shutter speed than the old 1/ effective focal lenght rule, so I try to use no less than double that.
With a 200mm lens on a 7D, the effective focal length is 320 mm, so I'd not use less than 1/640 sec.  Obviously if you shoot wide, the shutter speed can drop a lot, but I tend to use telephotos more.


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