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Why did you choose Canon?

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It is interesting to hear stories why people choose Canon when there are a lot of other firms? Nikon, Pentax, Sony...

I personally was always interested in photography and was shooting quite a lot when I was young with analog cameras Smena and Zenit- E (Soviet type cameras). My first digital camera was P&S Sony bought in 2004, however, i was not satisfied with its quality (at that time analog cameras quality was much better than digital).

In 2007 I acquired Canon G7 which was able to produce better quality photos comparing to other P&S cameras. Finally in 2012 I decided to buy DSLR and definitely choose Canon as they had more attractive design comparing to Nikon and much bigger variety of lenses (I always admired L class white lenses, which in my mind was always associated with superb quality). I never Pentax, Sony or other firms. Currently I am happy with my EOS 7D, however, have plans to move to FF (of course, that would by 5D Mark III). That's why my almost all lenses (except for EF-S 18-135) are compatible with FF cameras.

It would be interesting to hear your stories why you choose Canon.

I switched from Nikon to Canon for the Eos-3, purely for the eye-control. Then I gradually bought my L series lenses and now have too much invested to switch back, even though the Nikon D800E is my idea of the best dSLR currently on the market.

I photograph a lot of really tiny stuff, right down to 1mm and occasionally smaller.  The MP-E 65mm 1-5x is great for this, and there is not really a Nikon equivalent, so it was a straightforward decision.  It is possible to do this sort of thing with Nikon, indeed any DSLR, but the MP-E is very convenient.

Renegade Runner:
Not sure how or why but about 6 years years ago I became interested in photography.  Perhaps it was from my dad who had a an older Minolta film camera. 

At that time the Canon t1i (500D) was being launched.  I heard many positive things about it.  It was supposed to be a great introductory DSLR at an affordable price.  I took my chance with it and have no regrets.  Years later I am still with Canon and have recently upgraded to the 6D.  Again no regrets.

I don't like the red arrow and the yellow straps on the Nikons.

Yes, really.


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