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Why did you choose Canon?

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The Elan 7 had better ergonomics for my hands than the Nikon with similar technical specs.

I use canon gear since roughly 1982 (AE-1, bought it from my dad) and entered the digital world with the G2 in 2001 due to quality issues: G2 was one of the first really good digital cameras with high max aperture and very good color rendering.

In 2005 I tested the Canon 350D against the Nikon D70 and the colors/overall rendering of the 350D was superior to the Nikon - result: I bought the EOS 20D with the 60mm EF-S. A great combo. I have seen D200 and D300 from Nikon but I always preferred the overall quality of the EOS 40D I bought in 2009.

Nikon D800 might be the better camera in terms of technical specs and perhaps IQ, but I will stay with my Canon lenses - which deliver the IQ from the lens side I prefer.


--- Quote from: Efka76 on January 26, 2013, 01:42:42 PM ---It would be interesting to hear your stories why you choose Canon.

--- End quote ---

I got my first Canon (an eos 620, later the great RT without vf blackout and near zero shutter lag) in the early 90s because they had the silent usm lenses.

After these cameras were broken and in the dawn of the digital age I nearly forgot about photography because of the quick succession of expensive and worse-than-film dslr bodies - until I figured the 18mp crop sensor is "good enough" for most things I'd like to do ... and I even used my 90s 28-105 lens until two weeks ago.

Now I'm sticking with Canon because of Magic Lantern and I like the usability of the eos cameras - but if that wouldn't be the case I have to admit buying Nikon and the d7000 would have been a smarter choice two years ago.

For me its better ergonomics and button layout, also better lenses, like 70-200 :P

i always thought i would be a nikon guy when i "grew up" and got serious about photography

the image i had of nikon can be described with words such as "professional" and top quality and elite and serious

but starting out - my dad had a canon, and i started off in photography as a teenager shooting with his gear (Canon TX - ? if i remember correctly? is that a camera?? he got it in the late-60s when he was overseas - vietnam)

then later when i was in the navy, at the the time it seemed to me canon had the better technology and i liked the design - so i shot with a canon camera back in the mid-90s -- but i wasn't "serious" into photography like i am now

and this latest time around, i was getting into astronomy more seriously and wanted to make the transition to astrophotography, and my circle of friends had very high compliments for canons equipment and their support for astronomy historically - so i got a T2i to start out with

since i had already invested in lenses and other equipment, i just moved up the canon ladder - 7D 5D2 and now 1Dx

but let me tell you - i am VERY happy

because, at first when you don't know  $#!*  about something, you just make the best choice you can - right or wrong, good or bad - in the case of photography, that choice has long-term consequences --- the choice you make first pretty much sets your course going ahead for several years - and the longer you're in to it, the harder it is to cross tracks onto the other team's side

but i'm canon and i couldn't be happier

its funny - when i spoke w/ my dad about this a few months back he said the same thing, he always looked up to nikon, thought he'd get a nikon, but always decided on canon at the critical time

i thought that was funny


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