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What rain covers are you all using?  looking for something that's easy to use without having a wrestling match with the thing, that's able to keep light rain and snow out. Using a MkII with 70 - 200mm for outdoor sports.


Can get misty, so keep the silica gel handy, I also cut a hole so i can put it over my eyecup and see through the viewfinder better.

Since buying this porta-brace came out with dslr rainslickrs, I use porta-brace for my eng gear and so if I were buting now would have a closer look at what they are doing.

Op/tech covers are something like a tenner for a pair and the viewfinder hole is already cut out. Try 'em and see if you need more - I've had a pair for years and so far, the answer is 'no' ;)

My 1st camera is a T2i/550D. The situation: Heavy Heavy rainstorm on a once in a lifetime trip to Cuba. I planned to pull out the Rebel when I was under cover. I covered the camera with the Optech rain cover, the camera was also under a rain coat and an umbrella.

The result was the rain didn't kill the camera but the build-up of humidity did. I believe moisture got in and fried the circuit board.

I upgraded to the 5DM3 with L Lenses for some extra weather resistance. If I'm ever caught in a similar situation, I doubt if I would use the Optech rain cover again. I would protect the camera from the rain but allow it to 'breathe'.

+1 on Op/Tech rain covers. I've used them in heavy rain and they work great. Very portable, too.


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