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Don Haines:
I have a home-made one....

Step 1 - get a drybag about 1 1/2 times the length of the camera and lens/lenshood... cut bottom out of drybag. Sew bottom edge of drybag so it does not unravel.

Step 2 - find a large rubber band. You are now done....

I stick the camera into the drybag with the edge of the drybag at the edge of the lenshood, and hold it tight with the rubber band. The other end fits over the camera with enough "slop" that I can still tripod mount if I have to.... I can use the plastic buckle to seal it better around the tripod.... or open it up if I need to see things. The fabric is thin enough that I can press the shutter with it still in the bag.

I carry several cheap clear shower caps and a small piece of chamois to wipe the lens should it get wet.  I do have a kata rain cover as well that i've used several times in heavy rain.


I dont' have it yet, but I was thinking about getting this.


--- Quote from: jdramirez on February 04, 2013, 12:13:28 AM ---

I dont' have it yet, but I was thinking about getting this.

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This looks interesting.  I keep the Op/Tech handy in case I ever need it.  If you plan to do a lot of rain shooting, perhaps the Amazon device will be a solution but whatever is purchased, it still must be packed and carried.  I suggest a more permanent solution for heavier use but have the op/tech handy for times when the rain is unexpected since it's inexpensive and easy to pack.  Having a decent lightweight hiking umbrella may also be a good solution.

if you plan to do a lot of rain shooting...

have you seen the ThinkTank Hydrophobias? It's similar to the Amazon one but a whole lot more expensive.


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