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Since 7D MkII isn't coming soon.....

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I need some help here since it appears that the 7D MkII isn't coming soon so I thought I'd throw this out there.

Do I buy the older 7D and get good glass (24-70 2.8L)?


Do I buy a Rebel T4i with good glass (24-70 2.8L)?

Save money on the body until I can get the body that I want or do I just go with the current 7D?

AHHHHH!!! Serenity Now!!!


Nothing wrong with buying the current 7D model, it's at least better than vaporware, hehe.

Get the 7D if you can swing it. Why?
1. Better camera with better ergonomics (especially with a heavy 2.8L zoom), comparable sensor, much better AF and metering, FPS, sturdier, 100% viewfinder- everything except the tilt-screen and video compatibility with STM lenses.
2. Resale value on 7D will be better than the T4i, especially with the newer 700D in the sidelines. The 7D is only $ 1200 new at the moment, which is really good price.
3. Allows you to wait for an upgrade with arguably the best APS-C camera ever built until the 7DII comes down in price some.

You can get a used 7d on ebay for $800 - $900.

Mt Spokane Photography:
Watching the price trend graph at the bottom of the page on Canon Price Watch is a good indicator as to how close the MK II version is.  When it starts dropping sharply, it probably won't be many months.


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