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Since 7D MkII isn't coming soon.....

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Get the 7d now and enjoy :)

The 7D is a very good camera, and will remain so after the 7DII is released (likely at a much higher price).  Now is a great time to pick up a used 7D.

I sold my perfect 7D 2YO with less that 20k clicks on it for £600 on ebay just before christmas. Was pretty disapointed actually thought it would fetch more. But never mind.

They offer insane value for money, also the cheaper bodies perform similar IQ wise but have non of the features the 7D has. Its a great camera, just the IQ wasn't quite what I was after.

You can also be quite confident in buying a used 7D as they are built like tanks.

I also wouldn't marry a crop camera with a 24-70 or 24-105, 24mm is far to tele on a crop camera more like 38mm so you dont get much on the wide end. I would suggest buying a 17-55mm or 15-85mm if you are going to stick with APC which it sounds like you are with waiting for the 7DMKII

Even when the 7DMKII comes out the price of the 7D cant fall much lower or it will be a better buy than the newer XXXDs as IQ is so similar and its a much better camera overall. The 650D saw no improvement in IQ infact some reviewers have said it has more noise than its predecessors.

I agree with everyone. B&H has refurb 7Ds in stock for 999, I'm pretty sure. I bought a refurb a few months ago and have no regrets- it's a great camera, not the IQ of FF but easily enough to make me very happy with the pictures I'm getting. I do plan on buying a 7d2 if the DR/noise above ISO 1600 are much improved, but I will certainly keep my current 7d, rather than sell it, because its still a great camera and then I can have my 17-55 mounted to one body, and 70-200 on the other!

I wouldn't think twice about getting the 7D over the 60D.  I've had both and once I got the 7D, I was shed of the 60d within 48 hours and never looked back. 

That being said, I bought a new 5d3 a couple months ago with every intention of selling the 7D.  2.5 months later, I still have the 7D and no longer have any intention of selling it. 

The 7D is a fantastic camera and still very relevant in the Canon lineup.  The 7d is a great match up with any of the EF lenses, especially L glass.  The 24-70mm is fantastic on the 7D, it's only not wide enough if all you shoot is wide... If so, it's still a great walk around lens.  The 17-55mm lens is fantastic on the 7D and the mid range and long lenses are incredible...

Jump on a 7D, whether new or used it's still a great buy and you'll be very, very happy with it!

All the best! :D


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