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Need advise on getting a wireless timer to shoot time lapse videos with a 5d3

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any suggestions welcomed, i am new to time lapse, i own iphone and ipad so if that route is easier please do share your thoughts although i can agree its weird leaving your iphone hanging around till the battery die.

Then again i did look into cheaper wired timers as well as wireles ones, i plan to do ALLOT of time lapse so i am open to something worth investing in if its worth it, i will use it with the 5dmkiii.

thanks in advance

i guess because i never programmed one myself i thought it would be easier with a iphone ipad etc, then again wireless could be worse sicne those units still look like they are telephones fro the 80s

Brand B:
Camranger will allow you to set up the time lapse using the ipad, then the ipad is not required to actually perform the shooting.

$300 though.  I have bought one, but have not been home to try it out yet.

Mt Spokane Photography:
For s timelapse, you do not need wireless.  There are plenty of low cost wired ones that will do timelapse, and they will be more reliable since you do not have to deal with battery life or RFI.

i got that TriggerTrap iPhone remote control cable for Canon DSLR cameras CL-N3 , i like their ios app, and this vodeo convinced me between this and ioshutter,  and i agree, wireless is useless IF I GET A WIRED REMOTE for a few bucks in china right?

what you guys think, is the triggerTrap a ok choice to go with IOS devices (i have an iphone and ipad), then maybe for longer time lapse i get a wired remote but i still need to find out which one of those are easy to program, please advise


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