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can anyone share a basic easy multicam video set up with 5d3s?

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Why are you answering this thread if you do not know?  lol

Are you one of those people calling your self professional because you got a expensive camera with time code you never use or need to synchronize anything for film or TV?, well let me tell you that its not a thrill to work for other people unless you love it and do what you like, if you are told what to do its not at all fun, why the hell wanna be professional exists beats me, but whatever we all did this before i guess.

Listen the 5dmkiii dos have a problem with time code, any changes you make to it are un responsive unless you shut off the camera and turn it back on, this is another bug on canons part, why we have to wait until april for a update is just a scam, canon seems to be obsessed with competing with their own higher quality cameras rather then the market itself, i hope they stay in tune and do not fall off a clif.

I answered a thread with a question about "a basic easy multicam video set up with 5d3s". The easiest method with 2 or 3 5D mkIIIs is to capture half way decent audio on each camera and record audio to a separate continuous audio recorder to use as your main sync track. Then use pluraleyes to auto sync, which only takes a few minutes on the computer.

Trying to do anything with timecode on a Canon DSLR, for now, is only going to cause trouble. With other cameras and other situations, timecode is better. NOT with a Canon photography camera.

Yes I have made commercials for TV and full 30 minute spots... Yes I have had to sync 5 continuous cameras for 2 hours running time... And I don't work for other people, because I don't like to work for other people, and I love what I do.

I am sorry your DSLR that shoots video doesn't run timecode professionally =-( it probably never will.. your probably better off selling it and getting the VERY least a c100 or some other super 35 video camera..

ok i missed your post obviously, allot of responses with work arounds or jokes lol

So your saying time code on a 5dmkiii is actually false and no less then a marketing scheme, which means it does nothing but tell me about a start and finish time of a video, but yet is useless since i dont even see the current time lol

Japanese thinking can be very confusing


Aha. I see. Yeah. The 5D mkiii is more for reference rather than sync. And unless they come up with some magical update, it is pretty much just a marketing scheme


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