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6D IOS remote app ?

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Has anybody seen "hide or hair" of the remote app for IOS ?  Any betas out there ?  Any rumors on when we can download it ?  Will it be in iTunes or direct from Canon ??

It's already out and has been... Just go on your iOS device and search "EOS Remote" in the App Store. Good Luck!

You might have a hard time finding it if you are searching on an iPad. I don't think it is native for the iPad which might be why you are having a hard time finding it. Search for it directly on iTunes, or on an iPhone (iPod Touch).

I have an iPad2 and am using the EOS Remote for iPhones.  Works fine. 

I understand an iPad HD version of EOS Remote is coming at some point.

TWI by Dustin Abbott:
I would love to see the HD version come out.  I find that with the 2x expansion on the iPad (Retina display) that at first I think that images are a bit soft.  They look great when I get to the PC, but it's a little off putting during capture because of the app not supporting the native resolution of the display.


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