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post your best photographic gear for under 100 euro (100$)

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i am always in need for photographic presents or gifts.

please post what you think is a great photographic tool or gimmick under 100 bucks.


digital paradise:
A rubber band  :P

Blackrapid  sport strap! :)

dr croubie:
Nifty Fifty!

Kenko 1.4x T/C was the best €80 i spent.
So were the Extension Tubes.

RC-6 remote control was the best €20 i ever spent.

Softbox for my flash was the best $10 i ever spent (from China via ebay)

Arca-Swiss plates are always handy, especially for someone like me who keeps getting more lenses and needs mre tripod plates.

How about vintage glass? Takumar 50mm f/1.4 and an m42->EF adapter comes in at under $100, and beats the crap out of any native EF Fifty.

Bessa L comes in at $100, for the next present you can get them a nice L39 wideangle lens (I love my 21mm f/4 Skopar, best lightweight hiking landscape kit ever)



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