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300 f4 + 1.4 TC v's 500 f4.5


Mr Bean:
I've been dabbling with bird photography over the past month or so. The 300 f4 has done a sterling job, but, a 500-600 lens would be more suitable.

I've been offered a Canon 500mm f4.5, which appears to be in very good condition (it was previously owned by a private individual, so, well looked after). The price is around $3,000 which is about standard here in Australia. A new 500mm f4 is, well, worth a small car, and I have one of those (the car) :)

How does the IQ compare between the 300 f4 plus 1.4 TC?  I realise that combination doesn't quite make the 500mm mark, but the extra reach is nice.

I'm using a 5D m3.

The 500mm f/4.5L is an electronic manual focus lens, and AFAIK Canon no longer services that model. So, if the AF motor gives out (which happens on those lenses), you will be unable to focus the lens at all, leaving you with a $3000 rather heavy cricket bat.  I'd pass.

Mr Bean:
Thanks Neuro. My heart, and near empty CC said yes, but my gut said no :)

Depending on my finances in 12 months, I'll look at either a 500 or 600, series II, second hand. I don't have an issue spending $$$ on something I'll have for the next 20 years. But, holding that 500 f4.5 in my hands was soooo tempting ;)


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