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Is there any way to recover files after the card has been subject to an "in-camera" low level format?

I'll be selling off a few cards and just want to make sure nothing is recoverable on them.

cost would outweigh any desire to do so....  but what was on them I'm intrigued to know!!!

Doable, but it's a trade off ....

Take an old body and a wired remote, point it at a wall and set it to continuous shooting and walk away.  Card fills up with real data, wipe it once more and you're set.


--- Quote from: bycostello on February 04, 2013, 02:07:59 AM ---cost would outweigh any desire to do so.... but what was on them I'm intrigued to know!!!

--- End quote ---

LOL ... The cards contain pics of my family which I don't wants in the hands of a third party for obvious reasons. These are 4-16GB slow cards which I never use now (a couple of them report errors on the 5D3).

The 32GB 90x card from the 7D was retained upon sale of the camera so I practically have too much CF gigabytes than necessary.

Dunno whether it would be better to just destroy the damn things because I'm not sure what these will fetch ... I was hoping of getting a fast SDHC card for the 6D.

Put them in a card reader. Copy useless files over if you don't want to use up shutter count... If your file size is 1K, you will use up all memory.

You could also look for file shredding software that overwrites your current files with junk before deleting them.


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