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on the verge of buying, just need some final moral support

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hi, ive been waiting to get a FF for a while now, and im pretty sure im going with the 6d.

obviously 5d3 would be great but its just a little too expensive for me, and i think i can get a pretty good deal now on the 6d.

first up ive always had canon so im not interested in nikon (though if sony had a FF i would be v interested in that , shame)

forgetting the cost for a moment, im pretty sure that the 6d is the wiser buy as its a newer camera, id prefer to get a brand new model with warranty etc,

regarding features, im an intuitive shooter, so technicalities arnt really a huge concern, i usually only use single point focus.  now i gather that overall with a good lens image quality is gonna match anything in the same sort of camera range, ill take it travelling. and one day ill get an underwater housing.

im never gonna be a proffesionl studio photographer , but i will use it in a semi professional  fine art environment for a wide range of things . im a keen travel photographer too

can anyone talk me out of the purchase or pat me on the back and tell me im dong the right thing! 

its a bit of an investment, so means alot.



I think you're going to like the 6D with all its features.  Were you going to get the kit lens with it?  It is a great walkabout lens.

hi, yeah i hope so, im just alittle frustrated as the 5d3 doesnt seem too far away in price, but i cant really justify getting it! lol

ill probably get a new nifty fifty, a wide prime, a portrait prime(100mm macro? id like to do some insect stuff aswell) and ill get a longer lens later possibly a zoom!

If you can wait, I scored a brand-new USA in the box 5D3 for 2499$ around holidays. I regularly see them for 2899$ on ebay, perhaps you should re-consider holding out a little bit longer?

Unless you need the af from the 5diii, which it sounds like you don't, the 6d is every bit the same or better camera. Costs less, lighter, you get GPS and wifi, sounds like that's the winner!  Do it! 


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