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Is the 70-200 f2.8 IS USM II rebate still on? ...maybe...


I just found this on Amazon:

Seems to show the $400 rebate still being honored.

Seems like they have not updated their prices. B & H and other places are back to their normal prices.

Amazon often lags behind in changing pricing for rebates.  That happens at both ends - when I bought my 7D, I wanted to buy through Amazon since I had a few hundred $ in gift card balance - thanks to a post here on CR, I was aware of a $100 rebate the day before it went into effect, and the next day I went to buy but the rebate had not been applied.  I called Amazon, they verified the rebate and applied a discount to my order, but their website didn't actually reflect the rebate for another day. 

Also note that even post-rebate, prices didn't go all the way back up.  For example, the $400 rebate on the 5DIII+24-105 kit ended, and the B&H in-cart price went up only $100, from $3500 to $3600.

Mt Spokane Photography:
Sometimes stores seem to leave the rebate up for a day or two.  Canon is not going to give them the rebate unless they cheat and change the date of sale that they submit to Canon.  Stores must give the rebate to the customer up front, and then submit all of the purchases and dates to Canon and wait for a rebate.  It ends up costing them $$ in interest.


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