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new 13" MacBook Pro

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--- Quote from: Niterider on February 04, 2013, 09:48:26 PM ---The 5400 rpm hard drive will bottleneck the whole computer. If you do go with a macbook pro, a minimum would be a 7200 rpm drive. Ideally, you would want a 256gb (or larger) solid state drive. They work wonders in laptops. If I remember correctly, the new macbook pros are sealed systems (correct me if I am wrong) which means you have to pay apple to change out the drive. And that sucks because they charge A LOT for those drives

--- End quote ---

Agree.  SSD is a must!

Steve Todd:
Just purchased the 13" MacBook Pro W/Retna display last month.  I have been using a 15" Sony VAIO, a AUSA notebook, and a home brewed desktop for the past 9-years to manage my digital images.  I made the move to Mac to better (and quicker) view/edit my images.  Even though the MBP(R) has a smaller display, it is far better for my needs.  The resolution and color accuracy are superior to any laptop, notebook, or desktop models I have used in the past!  I originally planned to use it with a large monitor, as I have seen the the 13" used with the Mac, Thunderbolt monitor, by friends of mine and was very impressed.  However, after seeing for myself just how good the MBP(R) is by itself, I might put off purchasing a monitor anytime soon!  Additionally, I have been extremely happy with Canon's DPP, Image Browser and other Canon Utilities programs for many years.  Now, they work even better on my MacBook Pro!

Yes that should work fine.

I'm into the same situation. I really like the retina displays cause me also to look for a rMBP.
Are you also running Lightroom 4 and Premiere elements 11? How do they perform on the 13 inch?

I use a early 2011 15inch MacBook Pro, and runs photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 4 not a problem, I only have the standard 750gb hard drive and it does slow everything down. :(
Friends at Uni have the 13inch models from last yeah running the same software on 4gb ram and its all still fine


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