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Author Topic: Nikon D600 announced - $2100, let's see how Canon response!!!  (Read 71660 times)


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Re: Nikon D600 announced - $2100, let's see how Canon response!!!
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The part I think is neat is that the video could be shot using either dx or fx format.  That type of functionality would be great if canon could use its software to control the sensor size to either be FF or aps-c on an actual FF sensor.  That would allow beginners a smooth transition to a FF camera while allowing them usage of any existing lens that they have.  I'm sure there would have to be trade offs such as 24mp FF or when using apsc mode it would be 12 or 15 mp.  Even better would be for the camera software to recognize the lens and switch automatically so that there aren't any mistakes when photographing. 

This could open up a ton of demand.  Further thinking, this would allow canon to reduce the number of sensors that they have to make.  People love to hack. Could you imagine if canon put these sensors in the rebel line but locked them down to apsc size?  You would develop huge community of people that would learn how to jail break their camera just like an iPhone to get the FF capability. It wouldn't matter to canon because the cost of the sensor has already been taken in account with the initial sale of the camera, but the camera would still be limited by the af/IQ of the rebels. Prosumers and pros would still buy the higher end cameras and canon would be in a better position to sell glass which is where it makes most of its money anyway.  People like to tinker with things like that, just look at majic lantern. If you jail break your camera, you would still need to buy ef lenses to use the sensor size.....
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Re: Nikon D600 announced - $2100, let's see how Canon response!!!
« Reply #150 on: February 09, 2013, 08:19:52 AM »