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Which cloud storage solution?

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There aren't any that are affordable for photographers. Also the upload speed and fees (Amazon charges for bandwidth) is too slow.

One possible exception is Amazon Glacier, which is 1c/1GB/1Month. This is just for data backup, to get access to your data takes several hours. Save it and forget it basically. Anyhow a Terabyte of photos will run you $10/month or $120/year.

You also have to consider your backup strategy. Do you have revision control of your pictures? Meaning if you delete or change a photo by accident, or do a series of them, do you have that history?

I have a 15TB NAS, with a 10TB nightly time based backup (revision control style) on a Synology 1511+ with side car. Once a week that backs up to a Drobo (different technology), and once a month I do an offsite backup to a briefcase of disks. I back up a lot more than just pictures.

I think what OP was asking for was a way to send/transfer large amounts of files to someone else, an editor or client let's say, rather than as a backup solution.

While not what the OP asked, i use's website solution that gives me unlimited data at $7/month.  The only limit is 260,000 files.  Which, in all honesty, if i get close i will just start archivign larges sets of data into a huge zip file.  I get decent upload and download speeds.

The problem with amazon glacier is that if you have less than 500gb of or around there it is worth.  BUt seeing how just after 1 year i'm sitting at 700gb, 1and1 is def. a great solution. 

Hugo Fisher:
I am using Wuala. I have 9GB for free. I am using it as password storage for my clients.

I utilize a home server which I can create temporary accounts for others to log into and access files. I have also used clients like dropbox and google drive. I would recommend google drive over dropbox because dropbox takes forever to upload files.

Anyhow I saw that is giving away 25gb of free cloud space. I do not have any personal experience with the company though


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