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Apple on sticks (stuck at home)

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this is basically one of the stuck at home ideas that I came up with mainly because I wanted to play with off camera flash and I seen the chopsticks in the kitchen... however this is one of the cases when I end up with two pictures and I'm not sure with which one to go on with, so in case you feel like giving some feedback, please let me know which (if any) you like better

... and, if you feel like, I would also welcome other "stuck at home" ideas  :) ,



Top one, feels softer regarding the lighting

thanks :)
so... so far 1:1, and I agree, the top one feels "cleaner" to me, the bottom one more natural

thanks again, however let me just ask whether I got it right... by behind the apple, did you mean still above vertically, but behind the axle of the apple and reflector from under the apple level, or directly behind the apple and reflectors from sides... though I think I should just try both anyway  :)

Top one for me. Softer light, clear white background... The apple looks a bit dark, though. Maybe overexpose a little, or add a second light on the apple. (I mean, considering there's still time and you haven't eaten it yet.)

@privatebydesign thanks, interesting, so my first thought was right and btw, as a light source I used a DIY "softbox" I made from the box my girlfriends new hairdryer came in (cut out one of the big sides, laid aluminum foil on the inside, stuck in a speedlite from the lower shorter side and put office paper over the front... not great, but waaaay better then the bare speedlite)

@DanielW ... I did ate it  :-[ on my defense though, it was some time ago it it would be probably rotten by now anyway... luckily, I think i could manage to get a new one (or try something different the second time... e.g. a grape (single grape) so my current light source will suddenly be biiiig  :) )


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