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How to reduce the nd filter warm color cast?

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brad goda:
got your point...
but in IR yes you do need to know transmission freq.  near IR or far IR ... UV
which to block with which filter...
lucky some filter companies made stackable or all in one hot mirror NDs...

check it out.. this from tiffin...prices not as scary as others


--- Quote from: RLPhoto on February 15, 2013, 08:57:44 AM ---Buy LEE or schnider optic.

--- End quote ---

Lee had some of the most variability in quality control and colour casts of all the filters I've tried their ND grads often have a purple cast in the darker densities. The B+W cast is very strong and like a copper tone. Very odd and quite harsh.
Heliopan are my preferred choice and offer more options in their range. I personally find their 5 stop to be the most useful. The Hoya 9 stop has a nice pink hue, which I really like too.


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