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1DX Teathered - what works best?

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I have the 1DX and and am going to be doing a lighting workshop with my photo club.  Looking for advice on the best way to tether to a laptop running a data projector so I can show lighting setup changes relatively live.

What is the best way to connect a longer piece of Ethernet from camera to PC? what software should I run on the PC what will show the images pop on the screen as take them?

Your feedback is much appreciated!

brad goda:
for 1DsIII we are running Capture Pro6 via usb to mac laptop.  Very stable, very sophisticated viewing and processing platform which has the great ability to automatically apply previous settings to next captured viewed image.
with 1Dx it just dosnt work... for now... I hope for not much longer...
So if capture with the 1Dx is needed I use the provided canon remote capture and DPP viewing platform... its easy to use but as images come into DPP you have to manually select each and then it opens as a window... all in all it works and what DOES work well with the canon software is the live view mode.  the window will show live video from the camera so it can aid in set up, placement ect..  real cool.
I am sorry i have not figured out the cat network hook up which should allow at least 50ft lengths of network cable to teather to camera but USB is at least 15ft and does run stable with a USB extension that contains a powered repeater...
canons free or provided software... try it. its a great tool!
good luck with the demo!

brad goda:
one more thing about Capture Pro 6 and now 7
when you trash an image it gets placed in a trash folder within the "days" sectioned file...
In naming the capture job of the day or new session...Capture Pro will create a folder that has subfolders containing capture, output, selects and trash.  the trashed image is not lost but gets placed in the sessions trash folder... just in case..
just in case... one of the great features of Capture Pro.
Although this software is capable of processing out raw to tiff and jpeg ive still stuck by PS bridge raw or PS raw processing.  it personally fits my workflow. and does not jam up any files or xmp data into system drive... only where the raws are... and thats usually on wiebetech outboard cassette less drives.

Thanks for the info Brad. Much Appreciated.

Mt Spokane Photography:
Other than the Canon utilities, I use Breeze DSLR Remote Pro to tether my DSLR's.  There is both a Canon and a Mac version.  Since they use Canon drivers, its likely that it will work with ethernet.  There is a free trial period, and a forum where you can ask questions.
Chris Breeze is very helpful, and has been known to make software changes on request if he feels that enough  users need or will use it.  Not many software places where the programmer replys to questions.


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