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EF 85mm f1.2 ii - Dust Issues?

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Friends - I am about to realize my long cherished dream to be challenged by the legendary 85 f1.2 ii prime. Its coming my way in the next 2 days and have already ordered UV filet to go with it. My only concern is that - does this lens suck lots of dust in due to its moving / extending front element during focusing? Considering that this is a beauty of a lens I don't want this potential issue to weigh against this purchase but want some advice on how best to avoid it. I intend to not hold back this lens for indoor use only but also want to use it for street photography occasionally along with my 35L and 135L.

Would greatly appreciate any suggestion from the 85L f1.2 owners.

Daniel Flather:
Mine is clean, but I bought it new in November.  You'll love the bokeh and shallow DOF.  Enjoy!

My mark i version has a bit of dust inside (very little) but in no way does it impact my photos, so I would not worry about it.  Very small specks of dust inside lenses should not be a problem since they are in no way on the focal plane and wont show up in the shot anyway.... in most cases.

Thanks for the response. Hope I can take the lens out for street shots and street portraits without worrying about dust. The fact that a 2 grand lens without weather / dust sealing (front element popping out of the barrel during focusing) is causing some anxiety but not stopping me from getting this gem.

Mine is 5 years old and clean as a whistle, no worries on that front.  And I don't think the AF is fast enough to suck up anything anyways ;)

Now my 50L did end up with quite a few dust specs somehow...


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