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Images not dislaying correctly

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This didn't always happen, just started about a month ago. Anyone any idea what's causing this this is with IE 9 Chrome just shows broken image link. Thought it may be my wireless router but have just had that replaced and Internet upgraded (after this started happening). Looks like a graphics card or memory issue but it's happening on two machines, don't have issues on other photo sites.


Maybe is a Card problem?? which brand of card do you have?

Is it displaying like that on the camera or only when you import in to your computer?

Mt Spokane Photography:
Presumably, you are having a issue viewing images via the internet on your computer.  A bad router can cause the issue, and a lot of other things.  If you have access to another computer or laptop, give it a try.  If it works, its your computer, if not, its your router or internet connection.

Don Haines:
That looks like a corrupted file.


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