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Re: DPReview: Canon EOS 6D Reviewed
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And I will happily repeat, that  the  6D is a poor piece of crap, a warmed-over 5D2, without any real advantage as far as sensoran d IQ is concerned.

The 6d has less banding, a problem that seems to have plagued a lot of 5d2 shooters, and Nikon only has more dr in low iso. That doesn't make the 6d a more innovative camera - but without putting too much a fine point on it, I don't think you'll let facts stand in the way of your opinion anyway.

+1 ... Apart from the AF, there is very little I don't like about the 6D. It is a great camera!

In fact I find it amazing that some people who have never ever shot with a FF come out denouncing the 6D citing DR while they are perfectly happy with their APS-C cameras. If you want to jump ship, please do so and do it right now what's the point in moaning?

Personally I've not found the 5d3 or the 6d's lack of DR limiting my shots (maybe its just me). More DR is most certainly welcome, but simply because a camera doesn't allow recovery of x number of stops doesn't make the Canon cameras 'crap' as suggested. ETTR and you'll be just fine.
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Re: DPReview: Canon EOS 6D Reviewed
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