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Is your midrange gear insured?

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I didn't quite know where to put this question, so it ended up in "lenses" since these are the most expensive items in the bag.

The motive for me thinking about insuring my gear is that I though someone has nicked my 70-300L out of my bag today - but back at home I gladly saw that I didn't take it with me in the first place as I usually do. So: My current gear (camera+lenses+flashes+filters+...) I'm carrying around is worth about €5000, and I'm going to add a 6d+24-70tc totaling about €8000. I bought this gear piece by piece, but somehow it's grown to (for my standard) considerable value, though it's far from the pro 1dx/5d3+f2.8-kits other people have.

Starting as of today I somehow feel that not insuring the stuff but carrying around the greater part of it most of the time is not exactly clever, on the other hand my budget is stretched as it is so I'm wondering if other people insure their "midrange" dslr gear against theft & damage or they consider the real world risk too low to pay for the insurance?

I made a point to insure everything. Filters, Softboxes, light stands, the works because those little things stolen at one time add up to a significant amount of $$$$.
I didn't think much about insurance until I got my 5D3. Shorty before I dropped my 500D by accident with a Tamron 17-50 attached, the latter suffered a 200€ damage which is almost like it totaled.

When I got the 5D3 the first thing was to insure everything, well not everything, body, lenses and flash are insured. Small things like sd cards, batteries and so on are automatically included. I also carry around a rough 7000€ in my camera bag and doing that without insurance is not only stupid but downright irresponsible. Getting nicked is one thing and that can happen to anyone out on a photo trip alone if you cross the wrong peoples way but I also wanted it insured just for the case I accidentally drop it again. That 2.5% of the gear value I pay per year is worth it the second you drop it or someone threatens you.


--- Quote from: on February 14, 2013, 02:22:46 PM ---That 2.5% of the gear value I pay per year is worth it the second you drop it or someone threatens you.

--- End quote ---

You seem to be German - did you do a survey for the cheapest insurance company, is 2.5%/year the best offer, what company is it? The next step for me would be to search for a company, and I really don't know where to start (again, in Germany).
They all have similar values. I am at Poepping's.


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