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New Wide Angle Lens Ideas, please!

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Here's my current lens list:

(body: 5DM3)

50mm f1.4
24-105 f4
70-200 f2.8 IS II USM

I'm realizing that I need a wider angle than 24mm (on the 24-105).  I've dropped some nice coin into my body and lenses so far, so I'd like to stay under about $600 for a good 12mm+ (preferably to about 24mm) zoom lens.  I figure that should set me up for a good range of lengths.  Everything I've used has been Canon brand but I'm open to other brands if they work well.  I used to borrow a Sigma 10-20mm for my crop sensor body, but I'd prefer to get something for FF and actually OWN it rather than count on my friend not needing it.

I do mainly portraiture, weddings and events.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Sigma 12-24

Thanks, I hear that Sigma 12-24 is good. 

Tamron make anything comparable?

I don't think you can get a FF 12-24mm lens lens for under $600 ... unless if it used.

I agree on the sigma 12-24mm. If you want a uwa zoom, it is the best one for under 1k.

Unless you need the flexibility of a zoom, I would recommend a fixed focal length for anything under 24mm. I recommend this lens a lot (too much maybe), but the Samyang/Bower/Rokinon 14mm F2.8 lens is magical. It does suffer distortion, but is easily corrected using a lens profile in lightroom. Many who own this lens create and give out their lens profiles via the internet, which work really well.

Plus, I picked up the lens for $300. Amazing lens for the price


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