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New body or new lens...

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putting an extended on a 100-400 will leave you disappointed with IQ and AF speed, regardless of the body it's on.

brad goda:
40D and new lens 500 or 600 you will love the lens and wonder how much better IQ and focus will be with a better body.

5DIII or 1Dx with what lens you have... you will be surprised what your lens is capable of and your IQ and focus will be lightyears better than your 40D.
with 1Dx at 12fps RAW...!!! oh you will love THAT!

I am shooting a 5D3 since last August. And it was a big step up for me in low light, coming from a 30D. The 1Dx is definitely not my expenditure league. But If you do birding, although I am not into that, I guess the 1Dx surely has a stellar AF and is a lot more forgiving at higher ISOs relating to what I've heard so far. It has a 0.5 to 1 stop advantage in RAW over the 5D3 according to neuro. How many f-stops do you lose with a 1.4 converter and the 100-400? Anyway you'd have at least a 560mm on the long end. If I were you I'd go for the body...Because neither the 1Dx nor the 5D3 will see an upgrade within the next year. But, that's my 2 cents.


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