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6D - error 30!!!

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Im in iceland at the moment - I was shooting the northern lights (dream coming true!) and guess what happened!!

yes I had an error 30 on my camera that said to turn off and on the camera or re-install the battery. I did both of things but still was having it. the camera is only 2/3 weeks old. I was using kit lens 24-105. temperature was probably below 0 degrees. I thought it could be because of cold so I warmed up the battery putting inside my clothes, tried again but nothing. this morning I woke up and went to switch on the camera but it didnt even turned on, battery was maybe dead? so now im recharging the battery and writing this while i wait.

im afraid when I put on the battery again it will do the same error...
is there any way around this?? i cant send it back to repair, i need it here right now in iceland for another 4 days!!
trip of my life and camera does that...!!! im not happy at all..

It could be wether condition related, I remember reading about some 5d mark II cameras biting the dust in artic conditions. Do you have another battery to try? I would start there to rule out the battery as being the culprit!

Oh dear! Try charging the battery and see if the same error comes up again.

Err 30 is shutter failure and if that is indeed the case, then there is no quick fix for the problem. It has to be sent for repairs.

no I don't have a backup battery..  :'(

What was the temperature. The 6D's operating temperature is recommended at from 0-40C though I feel that it is not too rigid.

I'd recommend you take the camera to the Canon store in Iceland and give it a try with a different battery so that you can at least isolate the problem. 


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