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Hey folks!

Just curious for anyones reccomendations for Gloves when out in the field doing some photography.
I use a DSLR but not a touchscreen so I dont need capacitative and fingerless is an option if people think it aids in dexterity/usage when using the camera.
Temperatures down to 0C or so and I might be planning a trip to Iceland at some stage so any input in this regard is also appreciated.

Thanks in advance!,

Fingerless with the mitten cover is good if it's not too cold.  But 0 °C with some wind chill on top of that, exposed fingertips get uncomfortable pretty quickly.  I use a thin pair of all-weather gloves (in my case, I have capacitive fingertips so I can use my iPhone too), and over those I put the windblock fleece fingerless gloves with the mitten covers.

Aquatech sensory gloves!  I used them on a ski trip in the blue ridge mountains of NC and they worked well!

Thanks for all the reccomendations guys I'll head off read some reviews on the above mentioned, sounds good!.

Thanks again!,


These were recommended by a photographer in Canadian Outdoor Photography.  I got a pair and found that they work well.  I use a pair of mitts over them when it is realy cold.


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