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How do you pack your filters around?

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I'm not a big filter guy, but I do have some MCP's and ND filters in various strengths and sizes that I pack around. Probably 8 in all.  Their individual cases/holders take up quite a bit of room in my Lowepro 400 AW. Is there an alternate way to pack these around where they won't get scratched, and are easily accessible, while reducing the amount of space they take up? Thanks in advance for your help.

I use a pouch by Lenscoat. Check this-

I also picked up a product through B&H:

It only holds 4 per pouch but I like the padding between the filters...

I Velcro strap my Cokin Z bag onto the side of my Crumpler camera (messenger / sling style) when I need them. Adds little bulk and works very effectively. I only strap them on when I'm likely to use them.

( and I squeeze two CIRPOLs into it too )


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