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How do you pack your filters around?

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i got the small version of this for my 52mm filters
thinking about getting this larger one for my 82mm ones
they are really nicely padded and good quality

Tom Surak:
I use the Clik Elite Square Filter Valet. It holds my 4X6 Lee Neutral Grads and several other filters I have. It's very well made and will provide great protection. I'm glad I bought this one and would buy another.


--- Quote from: VanWeddings on February 15, 2013, 02:27:35 PM ---cheap front and end metal caps from ebay. you can screw all the same sized filters together and add caps at the end like a roll of quarters. probably the most compact solution

--- End quote ---
This is a cool idea as a space saver! I did a search for filter stack caps on eBay

OMG I wish I had these things back in the film days when you HAD to carry a stack of CC filters. I used to just screw them all together and keep them in a soft pouch. But these stack caps are clearly THE solution if it's important for you to save space. These days it's just the clear protective filters on all lenses and a 77mm & 83mm CPL in their original cases tucked neatly into a side pocket.


I use Lowepro S&F Filter Pouch 100 which I hook up to my belt or Lowe Pro Deluxe Technical Belt or to my camera bag's strap:


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