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How do you pack your filters around?

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cheap front and end metal caps from ebay. you can screw all the same sized filters together and add caps at the end like a roll of quarters. probably the most compact solution

I keep them in the original B+W cases and then all together in a pouch such as a a drawstring ala L Lens bag.

Don Haines:
A lens case, with plastic dividers so they dont scratch each other

I also keep them in their original B+W cases and then put them in Adorama Slinger cases where I have cut out the dividers. One Slinger will hold four 82mm (or smaller) filters in their OEM cases...

I use a Loewpro filter pouch.  Its similar to the Lenscoat one mentioned above.  They don't save much room, but I find it more convenient to have them all stored together.


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