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Anyone bought from DWI?

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Sir Bazel:
One week ago I ordered a Canon body and a couple of lenses from DWI, paid with Paypal and waited for confirmation of goods posted. Now I get an email saying as the total goods are over $2000, they want me to supply personal info: photocopy of drivers licence etc "for security,as part of their process". As I paid with a verified Paypal, they now have the funds - this request seems like a belated bad joke. Anyone else had similar issues with this or any other website, as I never have. I feel like cancelling my order as I will not be giving anyone copies of licenses or cards etc, with all the problems of identity theft being current.

Doesn't pass the smell test
Totally inappropriate.

I have no experience with them, but I'd cancel that order immediately and notify PP you think they may be involved in criminal activity.

Cancel! Run away! Inform Paypal! Drivers licence? They're phishing....
Thanks for the DWI heads-up. Never did like the smell of them either.


I've bought from DWI several times and never had a problem.
Having said that I have never spent $2000 in one transaction.
I think they are a fairly honest company.


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