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BlackRapid & Kirk clamp hook-up

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I'm aware the technique of attaching the BlackRapid FastnR set screw to a 1" Kirk QRC clamp (or similar) has been discussed over the past few months and some of you have posted pictures (Neuro posted a few).   I want to switch to a BR strap and I want some type of fast disconnect.  However, I have two question:

1) By hanging your kit off the Kirk or similar AS style clamp, you are apparently totally trusting the clamp to stay fully tight - and therefore not to have any loosening of the the set screw that tightens the clamp.  I'm trying to get comfortable with that but feel I would be constantly checking the set screw to be sure it's still tight.  Please tell me this is not a concern and why...!

2) Assuming one buys in to the everlasting torque of the set screw as discussed above, why wouldn't it be better to use the 1.75" clamp as opposed to the 1"?  The cost and the weight difference is minor - but the 'holding capacity' of the 1.75" should be much stronger.  Is there any technical reason not to use the larger clamp?

I hope someone can convince me constant jostling and vibration would not loosen the screw that holds my expensive toys, and thus allow gravity to give me a free lesson in physics.   Thanks..........    Tex in Luanda, Angola

Yes, I understand the BR has a carabiner type device (sort of) that unhooks from the FastnR screw - but there times I want to be able to stitch to tripod or monopod mode quickly so I prefer to leave my Arca Swiss plates on the camera.   

1) The screw knob on the clamp doesn't loosen on its own. It just doesn't. By positioning it so the knob is under the lens or away from your body, you avoid brushing against it (even that's unlikely to loosen it - when clamped down, it's tight).  It's really not a concern, I tighten it and forget it.  Note that the same cannot be said of the BR lug - that frequently came loose during use (before I switched to the AS plates and Kirk clamp w/ Loctite on the lug). 

2) The 1" clamp provides all the 'holding capacity' needed, even for a 1D X + 600mm f/4L IS II.  The only reason not to use the 1.75" clamp (or the new RRS 1.5" clamp with the flat bottom) is that the 1" clamp is less bulky. 

OK - that helps. I think I will go that way alhough I suspect I'll develop Carpal Tunnel from continually checking.  At least for a while.       

Simply attach one half of an OP/TECH Uni-Loop to the camera strap lug or L-bracket and the other half to the sliding member of the BR strap.  Click the strap members together after attaching the Arca clamp.  This does not impede the utility of the BR strap whatsoever. 

This provides a fail-safe should the clamp ever loosen.  I use this approach, but have never observed the Arca clamp to loosen unexpectedly. 

A little paranoia is normal. 


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