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Comparable Camera to the Sony RX100

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I am looking for a good pocket camera that is comparable to the Sony RX100. What's a good Canon model to look at? Or any other brand that you would recommend.


Like it's bigger brother the RX1, the RX100 stands alone and unrivaled. There's really no other compact that makes logical sense to buy; all others are either deficient or so large you might as well get a mirorless or bring your DSLR + pancake.

I use Canon DSLR's, but for a compact I wound up going with the Sony RX100.  I looked at the Canon S110, G1X, and G15 pretty carefully.  Ultimately I thought the G series was bigger than what I wanted for this purpose (some pocketable), and I felt the edge in IQ over the S110 warranted the higher price (grudgingly).  But as other's have said--if you want to match the RX100 in IQ with a Canon compact, you're kind of stuck with the G series (which isn't really all that compact).  That being said--I think the S110 is pretty good as well (judging from the "sample photo books" at Yodobashi Camera where I was shopping).

I do have a complaint with Sony cameras though.  I live in Japan, and if I want an English language menu I have to buy a "Sony overseas model" (at a higher price).  Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, heck--even Casio--include Japanese and English on their menus (as well as many other languages). 

Anyway, I bit the bullet and bought the overseas model for the RX100.  But I had been thinking about a NEX in the future as a mirror-less system.  Less enthusiastic about it now.

I'm afraid, there's currently none from Canon.  If you are willing to sacrifice a little bit of IQ just to get a Canon compact, S100 or S110 is the choice.  You may also want to get the G15 which is a little bit bigger.  But really, there's nothing from Canon that can go near RX100 in terms of IQ except G1X which isn't exactly pocketable.  If you're willing to use a belt bag instead of your pocket then G1X can easily replace an RX100 and more.  Oh and there's another one I remember.  You can also get an EOS-M with a 22 mm pancake lens.  This is the best recommendation I can give you if you want a "near" pocketable alternative to RX100.

--- Quote ---"Physically the EOS M shares similar vital statistics to its nearest rivals. The EOS M body measures 109x67x33mm and weighs 298g with battery but no lens. In comparison Sony's NEX-5N (which also shares an APS-C sensor) measures 111x59x38mm and weighs 269g with battery, making it shorter but a tad thicker. Panasonic's GX1 measures 116x68x39mm and weighs 318g including battery, making it a little wider and thicker. The Olympus E-PL5 measures 111x64x39mm and weighs 325g including battery, and is the only one of the group to include built-in stabilization.

Just for the record, Sony's Cyber-shot RX100 measures 102x58x36mm and weighs 240g with battery, making it smaller and a little lighter overall, and impressively that includes its built-in 3.6x optical zoom that's equivalent to 29-105mm. For completeness I'll finally add that Canon's own PowerShot G1 X measures 117x81x65mm and weighs 534g with battery, making it noticeably chunkier and heavier than all the models above even with its smaller sensor, although it includes a 4x / 28-112mm equivalent optical zoom.

While Sony's RX100 is undoubtedly a miracle of miniaturization, the figures above should tell you the EOS M is roughly the same size and weight as its interchangeable lens peer group when comparing bodies alone. But of course a camera without a lens only tells half the story and bigger differences emerge when you mount your optics. Canon launched the EOS M with just two native lenses, a 22mm f2.0 pancake (61x24mm, 105g, 15cm closest focusing, non-stabilized) and an 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS zoom (61x61mm, 210g, 25cm closest focusing distance). So fit the pancake and the EOS M becomes 57mm thick and 403g, and fit the zoom and it'll become 94mm thick and 508g."

--- End quote ---

Well, like posted before, you could always go mirrorless. Panasonic GF5X weighs in at 225grams, and the lenses are lightweight too:

14mm f/2.5 at 55 grams
20mm f/1.7 at 99 grams
14-42mm 3.5-5.6 Power Zoom at 95 grams.

And you can use them on any MFT camera...


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