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Re: Canon 1DX vs 5DIII Wildlife Comparison
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old post I know, just wanted to give my experience with the 1DX and battery drain, and to ask if this is normal or not-

I generally shoot for abotu 2 hours a day, moving from scene to scene, turnign off the LCD live view between shots, although sometimes I forget, but it quickly turns itself off after a minute or so-, and liek I said, I'm not taking tons of photos- and it just seems like I should be gettign quite a bit more shots between charges? Or is this about on par with other folk's experiences with htese batteries?

Sounds like your battery is draining faster than it should, or at least faster than mine seem to - with usage as you describe, I'd expect several days on a fully charged battery.  Just to confirm, you're using the LP-E4N battery charged in an LC-E4N charger?  The -N batteries are outwardly the same as the older ones, and can be charged in the old 1-series battery charger...but doing so, they will not be fully charged even when they appear to be based on the LED lights on the charger.

Yes, the battery and charger are the LP-E4N and the charger is the LC-E4N. Just took my camera out shooting 2 days, using hte Live view for about 1/3 of my shots (I use thel iveview when taking low shots that only a circus acrobat could see through the viewfinder- since I'm far from an acrobat, I'm forced to use the live view on low shots). shot around 200 shots (takes me a lot of tries to get scenes right in camera- so keep shooting to eliminate distractiosn etc- but I'm not using lvieview to review the shots- I peek quick when the camera takes the shots and disp-lays it briefly- so the liveview review can't be blamed as I'm not usign that to review my shots constantly). The battery was a bit more than 1/2 drained- I could probably get another 2 hours of shooting the next day- but hten I'd be running into low battery for sure-

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Re: Canon 1DX vs 5DIII Wildlife Comparison
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