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--- Quote from: Random Orbits on February 19, 2013, 09:01:52 PM ---Or you get a 1.4x to convert your 70-200 to 100-280 at f/4, which would be less expensive and might work better if you're not focal length limited.  For low light, the 5D III would give you an advantage in noise/shutter speed.

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or considering you're using a 5D III, perhaps a 100-400? (the 5D III could surely handle the higher ISO required).

1.4x tele converter, crank up the ISO and crop the image a little in post. It's way cheaper. 6fps is plenty. Less to sort through in the end!

I wouldn't spend that kinda money on the 300mm, best to rent it as needed. Unless you will be doing a lot of sports and will be getting paid big bucks for it??

What you lack in range with the 5D you can make up with a crop as the 5D is full frame. The 5D also has much better ISO performance than the 7D, 6400 on a 5DMKIII is comparable to 1600 so lots of scope there. Difference between 6-8fps negligible and not worth worrying about, the 5Ds AF system will more than make up for it.

I would try a 1.4x extender, cheapest option. If not the 300 F4 IS is a good choice.

Which version of the 70-200mm do you have the MKI, the MKI with IS or the MKII?

The MKII still yields incredible results with the 1.4x extender.

hire a lens

Tks everyone for your commits. I am going to try the converter and see how it goes.

Thanks  ;D


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