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200 1.8 - Am I dreaming??

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I know it's a discontinued lens but does a 200/1.8 come up for sale every now and then?

Apart from B&H Used/Andorama/KEH are there any other places I could try looking for one?




--- Quote from: wikipedia ---The 200 mm f/1.8 USM lens, introduced in November 1988, is the fastest 200mm ever produced.[1] It is a large off-white lens with rear drop-in filter tray. Production was discontinued in 2004. Its total production run was 8,000 with serial numbers from 11,000 to 17,999 inclusive
--- End quote ---
There were plenty made, so there should be some coming up for sale from time to time. But if you do buy one, make sure the date code shows its one of the later ones to come off the production line - the electronics in the earlier samples will be very likely to fail soon, with a very expensive repair bill to match.

I know these two lenses are tested on different bodies, but its quite clear that the 200/1.8 stopped down to f2.0 doesn't offer anywhere near the same level of per-pixel detail as the IS equipped 200/2 does wide open:

If you can stretch to it, the 200/2 IS is a much better lens.

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They pop up a lot on the Fred Miranda buy and sell. That's where I bought one.

I've seen them on, ebay and B&H used in the past 2 weeks.

You can rent one from


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