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Nikon finally Admits D600 Dust Problem

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Mt Spokane Photography:
Well, they at least admitted what many owners have known for months, but are still in denial that there is any widespread problem.  Why can't Nikon just be straight forward and admit the issue in a timely manner?  They have been hurt by poor sales and a bad rep over this, when they could have sent out a letter like this long ago.
The answer is likely that users who haven't checked their sensor and do not even know how, will send in their camera for a cleaning.  I hope they have resolved it with newer production units, but nothing is said or admitted there either.

Nikon announces that the D600 has been officially renamed the Dusty60Oily.   ;)

Even this does not sound like Nikon is willing to fully admit to the extent of the problem ... they refer to this problem as "in some rare cases" 

here is my guess:  based on number of pre-order numbers of nikon d7100 is not as many as expected, they admits their problems with d600 with a hope of drawing more pre-order on d7100...  ;D

Mt Spokane Photography:
I'm not sure how anyone here would have information about pre-orders of the D7100, or the Nikon forecast, but the worldwide economy is not conducive to sales of big ticket items.  None of the camera manufacturers are likely to meet their sales forcasts, and they downgrade them every quarter.
Canon has the price advantage with the 60D costing far less than the D7000 / D7100, and, in tough times, that is a huge advantage.  Even buyers who can afford more hold back and go for lower priced equipment.


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