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Its official now. The new EF 100-400 from Canon is on its way! *** FAKE ****

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This is irrefutable.


Cos I finally gave in and bought a new 100-400 today. I had tried one that belongs to a
colleague, and wasn't too happy with it. But my new copy works pretty well.
Pretty poor light here today but still happy with the results at ISO4000+ on my
5D MK3.

Shot at about 4 meters away in sub-zero temps (making me shiver), no noise reduction
EF100-400 IS at 400mm F5.6 1/1500s ISO 6400 .

Cheers Brian


enjoy the new lens

And this one was about 8 meters away.
EF100-400 IS at 400mm F5.6 1/1500s ISO 6400 .

Cheers Brian


--- Quote from: Stig on February 23, 2013, 10:31:56 AM --- ;D

enjoy the new lens

--- End quote ---
I certainly will thanks.

Mt Spokane Photography:
I suggest that you consider purchasing a Visual Echoes "Better Beamer" to use with your flash.  In difficult low contrast situations, it will make a huge difference.  Its basically a fresnel lens that focuses your flash so that it can illuminate things like birds and wildlife at a distance.
Sold by Adorama, B&H, Amazon,  etc.  You must pick one that fits your exact flash unit.  For $36.95, you will gain a lot of capability in lighting at a distance.
BTW, here is a small bird shot with my 100-400mmL with a Better Beamer.



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