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Hi again,

I have a friend that is a personal trainer and is in need of a new camera.  He wants to be able to take action shots of himself in his gym, as well as have capability of taking video if possible for marketing purposes.  He has a budget of $400.  The priority is taking action shots, not so much the video.  Again, I don't know much about P&S cameras, so I was hoping to get suggestions.  I'm assuming he'll need a good aperture and ISO performance, and a decent MP count (12ish).

Any thoughts?


Mt Spokane Photography:
I think a beginning level Rebel DSLR would be likely to do a better job than a P&S, they are all slow to focus in the $400 range.
Canon is having a 20% off sale on Refurbs starting tomorrow, so you can get a T3i with lens for $448.  You might also find one at B&H or Adorama.  The refurbs I have bought have all been virtually new.
Otherwise, a G12, G15, or S100 might do the trick, but there is really no comparison to a DSLR as far as IQ indoors.
Of course, there are $800 and up models, but in the $400 range, a refurb T3i with 18-55mm IS lens is the best option to do HD video and quality stills for advertising.

Hobby Shooter:
I would recommend an S100 if they are still where you live.

I'd be recommending a Rebel over a Powershot. Action images are all about catching THE moment, not a fraction of a second after THE moment. I had modest, but reasonable hopes for the performance of the G15. My style of photography is all about "the moment" and I was missing these at such a massive rate I've sold the G15 after just a couple of months. Nice camera for static subjects. Get a video capable DSLR.


Nikon J1 with 10-30 VR is available for 397$ at B&H now...
Fast autofocus, ok IQ, good for filming. Slo-mo could be nice too. :)


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