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Hey guys,

Im Alex and I have a problem... Joking aside I do have a serious problem, I have been bitten by the Prime lens bug and now I'm after getting a new prime...

I already own the 400mm 2.8 mkii IS and I have seen some of the images out of the 500mm and 600mm and this is where my problem starts... I do a lot of surf photography and birds of prey so both are perfectly suited to my needs... If I do decide to get a new prime I have told myself that this will be the final lens I buy ( told myself that 5 L lens ago )

Which one do you guy think I should be looking at more seriously?


If you already have the 400 II, get the 600 II.

I agree that you should get the 600 in your situation. The range between the very good 400 you have and the 500 is not that big, ie. the 600 would give you more of a real distance. The three lenses you mention (the one you have, and the two others) are probably the best lenses you can get from Canon at all.

Get the 600II  ;D

first world problem for sure...600ii ftw


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