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What am I doing wrong???

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I get good pictures. But my percentage of unsharp ones is horrific. With all lenses.

I like shooting wide open, and I'm shooting active toddlers, so I know it's not easy. But still, I have 5D mark III, I am aware of shallow DOF, I am aware of field curvature, I am aware that shooting 1.8 on 1.4 lens may lead to focus issue (can't remember the term). Still, I don't get what am I doing wrong? Are kids that quick that 1/160 is so often smudged? I tried 1/500 and it did help some, but not completely. Do I shake the camera when firing? Any ideas?

Few example, 2 bad ones and one ok (all 1/160 50 1.4@1.4). Third shot is ok and is fired the same second when second shot (bad one) was fired... Quite often, it seems to me like there is nothing in focus, so I started thinking I'm shaking the camera, but when 1/500 didn't solve it, I got lost...


You using AI Servo?

These all look like the focus is just in front of the face, not movement blurring, so shutter speed won't help. The 50 1.4 has very shallow depth of field and a my Canon one is a bit hit and miss when focussing close. I would recommend manual focus and just moving your body to achieve focus - not too easy with toddlers! Using f2  - f4 may help without gaining too much depth...
If you can, check the lens focus calibration using AFMA, if your body can do this.

Your lens might need an AFMA or send it to Canon with your camera so they can fine-tune it.  I've done the same thing for my 28mm.

I had the same problem on my canon 50mm 1.4. AfMA (+20 for me) helped a lot but its still soft at 1.4. I might send me for calibration.

My hesitance is the last time I sent something to canon for calibration it came back with +8 off focus. So I might use an authorised third party dealer.


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