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What am I doing wrong???

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As Eli has said above, are you using 'one shot' and toddler or you moving?

Try this
Try again. Actively listen and look. Do you get a beep?(Assuming you have that switched on), or a viewfinder indication that focus has been achieved?(Again, assuming you have that switched on) If not maybe there is insufficient light to allow the autofocus to fully lock
Try somewhere brighter..still out?
Reset the camera to factory defaults(You might have inadvertently set a weird setting without knowing it)
Select "P" mode
Shoot-still out?
Select AI servo, shoot, still out?
Pick a static subject, auto focus, shoot, still out?
Same static subject, manual focus, shoot. This should definitely be in focus, if not.....
If the auto focus is out, but the manual focus is in, try a different lens-that might help clarify if it's a lens or body problem
Get the camera calibrated

On the first shot, it seems pretty clear to me that the focus is actually closer to the elbow of the child than the face. You can see that that part of the shirt looks perfectly in focus-- so I would agree with a previous poster that your lens is focusing in front of where it should be (assuming you're using the correct focus point, got a focus confirmation beep, etc etc).

Try adjusting the AFMA to see if this significantly improves your rate of keepers or look into having a 3rd party/Canon calibrate the lens and body combo.

Max Power:
Using the center point AF?

My keepers went way up after I stopped using all the's too unpredictable. Looks like it may be grabbing highlights on his sleeve instead of staying center focused like you composed.

First try to select a faster shutter speed. But at an aperture from 1.4 you have only a small depth of field.

With many EF 50 mm 1.4 lenses there are problems. A lot of AF system donĀ“t work perfetly, if you put this lens on. Send in the lens for some adjustings.

There are also AF problems with some EF 24-70 2.8 II L and EF 17-40 4 L lenses (only if you select the longest focal lenght that is possible).


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