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Taking Radio Triggers In Hand luggage on Planes

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Can anyone tell me if I'm going to be allowed 600EX-RT's and a ST-E3 RT on the plane in hand luggage?

leave the batteries out in seperate cases dont see why it would be a problem
I've flown with my odins plenty

Not an issue. TSA (in the states) never hassles me when I travel and I have 2 units + ST E3 RT. All the devices with radios/wi fi etc. that people carry every day they could care less about triggers in a flash unit.

Isn't just about every car key on the planet a radio transmitter? I wouldn't anticipate problems.


Ok, thanks for the reassurance... I just suddenly panicked at the thought of having security take my kit off me. I think we can all appreciate how upsetting that would be!
But as Wickidwombat suggests, maybe I take the batteries out, just to be on the safe side :)
I'm flying today, and back in two weeks, so will update with how it goes


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