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POLL: When will Canon release the 430ex2 successor with rt?

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It has been nearly a year after the 600ex-rt release, and not even a rumor has surfaced about the 430ex2 succesor - just the theory that Canon is bound to update the "little brother" sooner or later. Will they indeed? Vote here and let's see

Hopefully sometime this year, although I won't need one because I need it now or the 600 will suffice.  And that may be why there're holding off.  People are still buying the 600.

I'm very interested in how third parties will respond.  Soon enough Canon will have all their flashes with wireless functionality, and Nikon will mimic the functionality in their flashes.  What will Pocket Wizards, and the like do?  I still see a need to trigger my alien bees or another non-Canon non-Nikon flash/strobe.  But third party triggers may get crushed.


--- Quote from: PhotographAdventure on February 28, 2013, 03:34:29 PM ---But third party triggers may get crushed.

--- End quote ---

Canon still doesn't have remote 2nd curtain sync, and 3rd party manufacturers might release new products that also fix other Canon shortcomings like no remote zoom and no remote triggers for studio strobes - and the high price of the original, of course.

priced in the 400+ euro region then i rather buy two 430 EX II and 3x YN-622c for 550 euro.

Honestly.. I may buy one or two.. but I like the 600 ex RT. Works great for a variety of things and keeps on pumping out light. 2nd curtain wireless is moot point for me but I would love wireless zoom.


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